Dad and older brother opened the shop in 1989. We were always able to pay the bills, pay the rent, make payroll, etc. But we were never able to really begin to thrive until we hired Jose Cruz as our business coach. After 25+ years doing business “successfully” we thought we knew everything to know about running a shop. And we certainly didn’t think we could afford the monthly cost of another employee. But we decided to go all in and completely bought into the philosophy of doing things different. Jose has both the knowledge and the interpersonal skills to help us facilitate the changes necessary to grow our business. He’s a great balance of push-pull….encourage-challenge. We saw results immediately. And on April 1, 2018 we did something that 2 years ago we thought was impossible. We bought out my dad’s portion of the business giving him a comfortable retirement he feared would never come. It’s true my brother and I did the work. But Jose put together the action plan and coaching sessions to make sure the plan was implemented. We could not have done it without him. If you want to take your business to the next level of success I could not recommend him higher.

— Keith G.  California

My name is Lee A. Pontiflet, I am the Finance Chief at The Department of Veterans Affairs in Decatur, Georgia. I am writing this on behalf of Mr. Jose E. Cruz Sr., who is one of the most caring people I have ever known. His business management skills are of the highest caliber. Jose’s desire to help business owners become successful, and even more successful is a passion that he strongly demonstrates daily. He not only assists business owners with his wealth of knowledge, Jose’ also follows up with them to see if anything further can be done to ensure they remain successful. Mr. Cruz has assisted and given me guidance when I was pursuing my current job. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking out, or who has already started a business. Not only in business does he help one excel, but he also gives life lessons that are very valuable. As Jose’ assisted me, he would assist you!

— Lee P.  Georgia

Jose’ is an amazing coach and an even better person. He really cares about you and your business. He helped turn our shop around and put us on the right track. We have had nothing but success since my father and I have joined. He is highly skilled and extremely knowledgable about all aspects of the automotive business. If your business is struggling, or even if you have questions do not hesitate to give Jose’ a call.

Jose’ and the staff at Auto Consult, will give you the tools and assistance you need to save the day.

— Matt M.  New Jersey