The mission of Auto Consult, LLC., is to be the premier business management consultation leader in the industry. Our goal is to act as a trusted advisor that will not only assist in increasing profits but also maximize business potential and most importantly build a better quality of life. The Vision of Auto Consult, LLC., is to have a dynamic portfolio of business clientele who have had their lives transformed by our coaching model.


La misión de Auto Consult, LLC., Es ser el líder líder en consultoría de gestión empresarial en la industria. Nuestro objetivo es actuar como un asesor confiable que no solo ayudará a aumentar las ganancias, sino que también maximizará el potencial comercial y, lo que es más importante, construirá una mejor calidad de vida.Visión: La Visión de Auto Consult, LLC., Es tener un portafolio dinámico de clientes de negocios a quienes nuestro modelo de coaching haya transformado sus vidas.

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Dad and older brother opened the shop in 1989. We were always able to pay the bills, pay the rent, make payroll, etc. But we were never able to really begin to thrive until we hired Jose Cruz as our business coach. After 25+ years doing business “successfully” we thought we knew everything to know about running a shop.

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My name is Lee A. Pontiflet, I am the Finance Chief at The Department of Veterans Affairs in Decatur, Georgia. I am writing this on behalf of Mr. Jose E. Cruz Sr., who is one of the most caring people I have ever known. His business management skills are of the highest caliber.

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Auto Consult LLC is what you need in a professional consultation company. For one monthly fee, you receive weekly coaching (via phone & computer), daily and weekly monitoring of your key operating numbers

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